Stem Squad

The Stem Squad is an exciting program aimed to energize, engage, and enhance local youth STEM opportunities through collaborative problem solving.
Students from 6th grade through 12th grade are encouraged to explore a wide range of problems and develop unique solutions.
Stem Squad participates in a variety of events including a Faraday Celebration, BotBall competitions, and more.

What is BotBall?

Botball is an educational robotics program that focuses on engaging middle and high school aged students in team-oriented robotics competitions. What differentiates Botball from other student robotics programs is that the robots are autonomous; therefore, they are not directed by remote control. Students use computer science to program the robots to recognize challenges and then attempt the objectives of the competition. 

Botball’s mantra is that “Today’s Botball kids are tomorrow’s scientists and engineers.” The program is managed by the non-profit KISS Institute for Practical Robotics whose vision is to use robotics “to stimulate and engage students in exploring their potential in engineering, science and math.

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Start Today. Create Tomorrow.

Stem Squad is comprised of students as young as 5th grade and older. All age groups work together to create a collaborative, innovative environment.

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